A Little Survival Guide for the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors Heather Tuba partners of survivors

A Little Survival Guide is a unique resource guide for partners of individuals with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Written by a partner, a trauma-informed coach, and founder of the only online support group for partners of survivors, Heather shares five guiding principles that have successfully enabled her to navigate the roles of partner, supporter, and caregiver.

A Little Survival Guide is the book I wish someone had shared with me as I journeyed through the challenges of the devastating impact of my partner’s childhood trauma on our family.
~ Heather Tuba, author


Heather’s ebook, For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors, is the go-to resource that I recommend to my own patients.

Heather Tuba is a warm, caring person who quickly makes you forget you’re talking to a coach and feels more like a friend. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my podcast, Autism Blueprint, and I enjoy the insights I gain from her blog. Heather uses both her professional expertise and personal experience to help others navigate the difficult world of life with a trauma survivor.

Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC | Autism Blueprint Podcast Host


Heather helps partners of survivors understand some of the science behind how trauma impacts the brain and gives useful suggestions for how to manage living with your partner’s traumatic past. I think this is such an important resource that many of us could use.

I recently learned of Heather Tuba’s ebook For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors: 6 simple steps to help you survive and thrive while living with your partner’s traumatic past. Days later we received a message on our Facebook page from a partner of a survivor and I was so happy to be able to refer her to this book. I have read it and it is a quick read that is informative and hopeful.

Joyelle Brandt, co-editor Parenting with PTSD

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