Cultivating Care for Partners of Survivors Package

Cultivating Care for Partners of Survivors (CCPS) support package is a series of eight weekly 60-minute appointments. CCPS is a unique opportunity for a non-survivor partner no matter the length of your relationship to receive ongoing support, trauma-informed information, and specialized skills, all meant to enhance your inner resources and build resilience.

This package is also suitable for non-survivor partners who have or are experiencing relationship loss. The strategies shared and space for discussion are also designed to facilitate support for you.

Together, we will explore practical strategies for calming your mind and body, managing stress, and finding moments of rest throughout your days. While the goal of the package is to provide you with what you need to support yourself as a partner, the sessions are person-centered, meaning your needs in any given week take precedence.


We meet virtually once/week for eight consecutive weeks. Meetings are pre-scheduled (time of day/day of the week).

Virtual meeting platform: Zoom/Facetime/Skype

Length of sessions: 60 minutes

Price: $1000 Canadian 

  • One time payment of $1000
  • Two payments of $500 each. 

If two payments are chosen, the second transaction must be completed prior to the fifth session.

After the initial eight weeks, ongoing support is available in a myriad of other ways

I offer a short, introductory Zoom meeting to make sure we are a good fit before you invest in the CCPS package.

To book a 20-minute consult or to purchase the first session in the package:

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