Who am I?

I am an author, educator and consultant with a focus on educational support for loved ones of adults with complex trauma. 

Do you provide individual or group support for partners/loved ones specific to cPTSD?

I do not provide individual or group support.

Do you know of anyone providing peer support for loved ones of persons with CPTSD?

At this time, I do not have individual or group recommendations specific to loved ones. Due to time limitations, I am not able to respond to inquiries about resources.

My library of free blog posts contain links to recommended research, books and articles on this topic.

Who do you work with as a consultant?

Consulting appointments are for non-profit, for profit, coaches, therapists, writers or healers who would like to expand an area of service for loved ones. The appointments are an opportunity to explore and strategize around the needs of your practice.

How do I book a consulting appointment for professionals?

Please send me a message through the contact form with the details of your request. I will respond by email with pricing and availability.

All consultations take place by Zoom.

Do you work internationally?

Yes, I work with clients outside of North America. My local time is Toronto, Canada (EST/EDT).

Are your materials copyrighted?

My content, including articles, is the property of Heather Tuba.

Any free content is available to share but please contact me with requests to repost blog posts in full on your website.

Podcast/speaking/writing invitations

Please fill out the contact form. I will reach out if I feel it is an aligned fit.


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