Who am I?

I am an author, consultant and researcher with a specialization in support for partners, families and friends of persons with complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Are you taking on clients?

I am currently not accepting new clients. Please check back in January 2021.

Who do you work with?

My services are for those in supportive relationships with individuals with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/complex trauma. These include:

  • Partners of an individual with cPTSD from dating to long-term
  • Family members of an individual with cPTSD
  • Friends of an individual with cPTSD
  • Clinicians who are also partners/supporters
  • Clinicians, organizations, and other interested parties

Who do you not work with?

I do not work with individuals with cPTSD or couples.

I do not offer support groups at this time.

How do I book a professional consult?

Please send me a message through my contact form with the details of your request. I will respond by email with pricing and availability.

All consultations take place by Zoom.

Do you work with international clients?

Yes, I work with clients outside of North America. My local time is Toronto (EST/EDT).

If you would like to repost a blog post.

My blog posts are the property of Heather Tuba. While I welcome sharing through hyperlinks or social media, please send me a request through my contact form if you would like to repost on your site.

Podcast/speaking invitations

Kindly send these to info@heathertuba.com. I will reach out if I feel it is an aligned fit. Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with Heather Tuba.


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