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Heather is a breath of fresh air in the trauma recovery field, adding a needed experiential voice about navigating the complex waters of being in relationship with a survivor of developmental trauma. Her understanding of neurobiology and nervous system regulation offers important insights into how to best support partners who find themselves in living environments that are inherently dysregulating. A partner of a survivor herself, Heather’s work is forging a new pathway toward a model of care where partners are seen, heard, respected and included as valued participants in the therapeutic process.

Anne Kinsey, M.Div., CTRC
Trauma Recovery Coach
Founding Executive Director, Love Powered Life


“Heather Tuba is a warm, caring person who quickly makes you forget you’re talking to a coach and feels more like a friend. I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my podcast, Autism Blueprint, and I enjoy the insights I gain from her blog. Her ebook, For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors, is the go-to resource that I recommend to my own patients. Heather uses both her professional expertise and personal experience to help others navigate the difficult world of life with a trauma survivor.”

Janeen Herskovitz, MA, LMHC | Autism Blueprint Podcast Host


“I recently learned of Heather Tuba’s ebook For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors: 6 simple steps to help you survive and thrive while living with your partner’s traumatic past. Days later we received a message on our Facebook page from a partner of a survivor and I was so happy to be able to refer her to this book. I have read it and it is a quick read that is informative and hopeful. Heather helps partners of survivors understand some of the science behind how trauma impacts the brain and gives useful suggestions for how to manage living with your partner’s traumatic past. I think this is such an important resource that many of us could use.”

Joyelle Brandt, co-editor Parenting with PTSD


“I first met Heather during a weekly online chat for survivors, facilitated by our mutual friends at Trauma Recovery University. Her passion and willingness to be a shining light for the families of trauma survivors, is immediately evident even for those who are meeting her for the very first time. So much focus is placed on the survivor themselves, and rightfully so, but we also cannot forget about the family members, spouses, and friends who help support the survivor in their life. These amazing people need support as well, and Heather has stepped up to provide information, resources, educational materials, for these unsung heroes. I’m honored to call Heather a friend and a colleague, and equally honored to have had the opportunity to chat with her on my podcast and help spread a message of hope, awareness, and encouragement for survivors and their families.”

Matthew Pappas, CLC
Anxiety & Survivor Coaching – Beyond Your Past