Empathetic and engaging content writer with subject matter expertise in complex trauma, emotional wellbeing, and family support. Committed to innovation, research, collaboration with experts, and clarifying complex subject matter for a professional and general audience.

Writer and editor

  • Published 60+ articles on complex trauma, emotional wellbeing, and the impact on partners and loved ones.
  • Wrote copy for website including bios, landing pages, product information, articles.
  • Self-published four ebooks using Pages and marketed using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Wrote and edited trauma-informed definition list for use in conference trainings, Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing.
  • Article on history of complex trauma treatment picked up by non-profit, CIS’ters UK for use in training materials.
  • Created written interview series on website featuring ten experts on complex trauma.
  • Invited to cross post interviews on two of the experts’ websites.
  • Wrote, edited, and presented two six hour courses total for trauma coaching program.
  • Wrote four booklets on complex trauma and the impact on families as bonus to guest speaking.
  • Reviewed and provided feedback for sexual assault organization interested in providing a workshop for families.
  • Edited material for online forum of 30,000 members.
  • 5+ years writing monthly Mailchimp newsletter.

Contributing author


  • 5+ years niche building in trauma-informed spaces.
  • Implemented organic marketing practices to build brand.
  • Analyzed audience data and tailored content to needs of social media audience and subscriber list.
  • Utilized SEO in all writing to extend reach and build subscriber list.
  • Engaged in online networking in order to build credibility and create opportunities for guest writing and speaking.
  • Founded Facebook community for partners and facilitated group for two years.
  • Created three free products to increase subscriber list.
  • Marketed four digital products.
  • Marketed web presence through strategic messaging and branding.
  • Social media presence led to two podcast interviews on Therapy Chat, a podcast with over 5 million downloads.


Microsoft Word, WordPress, Scrivener, Woocommerce, Gravity forms, SEO, Canva, Stripe, MailChimp, Medium, Camtasia.

French as a second language.


University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg, MB. Bachelor of Arts, French. 1993.

Brandon University. Winnipeg, MB. 2006-2009. Bachelor of Science, Psychiatric Nursing. Completed 57 credit hours.

Professional Development

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level I. Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma. Janina Fisher. 2020.

Humber College. Summer workshop in creative writing. 2018.

Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing. Integrated Trauma Practitioner. 2018.


A partner’s perspective on getting care for the consequences of trauma. Damaged: Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness, and the Need for a Health Care Revolution. Robert Maunder, MD and Jonathan Hunter. Aveo UTP. 2021.

Therapy Chat. Podcast guest. 2021.

Tender encouragement for the loved ones of trauma survivors. Self-published. 2021.

Strengthening You: A guidebook for loved ones. Self-published. 2021.

What should we call the loved ones of persons with CPTSD? Voices Against Torture. International Journal on Human Rights. March 2021.

Homagi: The mental health caregiver’s caregiver. Guest speaker. 2021.

Clapp with Jane. Podcast guest. 2020.

During COVID, two trauma therapists talk about support for trauma survivors and loved ones. Blog. Robyn Brickel and Associates. 2020.

Anne Kinsey Coaching. Instagram live. 2020.

CPTSD Foundation. Guest speaker. 2020.

Silvy Khoucasian Relationship Coach. Instagram live. 2019.

Therapy Chat. Podcast guest. 2019.

A little survival guide for the loved ones of trauma survivors. Self-published. 2019.

Parenting with PTSD. Guest speaker. 2018.

Parenting with PTSD. Guest blog. 2018.

Trauma Recovery University. Guest speaker. 2017.