Helping organizations and practitioners support partners, families, and friends of adults with complex trauma

My consulting service utilizes a  ‘complex trauma aware’ perspective on the issues facing those who support adults with complex trauma disorders. I help for-profit, non-profit, therapists, coaches and healers to understand and strategize around the challenges experienced by partners, family members, and friends who support a loved one with complex trauma.

A complex trauma aware perspective takes into consideration the following:

  • The neurobiological impact of childhood adversity.
  • The presence of complex trauma issues as a source of overwhelm for families.
  • Dissociation and fragmentation as possible sources of interpersonal difficulties.
  • The importance of structured and digestible psychoeducation for supporters.
  • Simple strategies to help those in supportive roles sustain nervous system health to combat compassion fatigue and trauma.

I offer:

  • Exploratory discussion of the needs of those in supportive roles.
  • How to craft and implement an offering for your organization or practice to ‘support for supporters.’
  • Nervous system tools and strategies.
  • Written materials for your website or practice.
  • Ongoing consultation and more.

All services offer the opportunity to discuss and develop a strategy to support these important people in your clients’ lives within your budget and time limitations.

I offer a limited number of equity pricing spaces.

Please fill out the contact form and include:

  • The name of your organization if applicable.
  • A detailed description of your request.

Availability and fees upon request. Consultations take place by Zoom meeting EDT/UTC-4.


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