Partner Support Sessions

Are you a partner to an individual with complex PTSD? If so, here’s what I want you to know. . .

I want you to know I understand. I want you to know you are not alone. You are not crazy or about to lose it. I want you to know that even if you have past trauma, a bad childhood, or other struggles, what you are facing today as a partner is incredibly difficult. It’s overwhelming and it’s stressful.

While I want you to know this, I also want you to know there is hope, support, and validation for you.

And that’s where we can join together.

Over the last two years, I have interacted with hundreds of partners who are struggling to find validation of their experiences and support for themselves. From my experience, partners are committed, compassionate, caring, and informed people. The issue is usually not a lack of these characteristics. The issue is that partners are in overwhelming circumstances with no support, understanding, or skills to navigate these unknown waters. There are few spaces for partners to receive care for themselves.

I want to create that space for you.

As a partner, trauma-informed coach, and educator, I am here to support you not only as a partner but in your whole life. After all, you are more than a partner, a caregiver, and a support person. I want you to experience more goodness, beauty, purpose, and connection even if your survivor-partner is struggling.

What I offer

Together you and I will spend 4 weeks exploring these questions and more:

  • How your partner’s trauma impacts you (and why it’s normal to be impacted).
  • Identifying your triggers and reactions and learning strategies to calm yourself.
  • Identifying your inner voice and exploring how you can strengthen trust in yourself.
  • Identifying your resources and exploring how to build on them while adding new ones if needed.
  • Building a care kit.

During this four week period, we will have weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute conversations via Zoom meeting. What we talk about will come from your current concerns, from short assignments, and from my book A Little Survival Guide for Partners (included in the package). These sessions are customized to your needs and your means of self-exploration. It means that we work in collaboration to create what you need for you.

After the initial four sessions, you can decide to finish working together, continue on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, or to have an occasional check-in session when needed. Anyone who completes these four sessions receives a reduced rate on subsequent sessions.


Partner Support Package (four sessions)                $360 (Canadian)

Follow up sessions as needed                                      $80    (Canadian)

Key frameworks

Trauma-Informed: This means we work from a strengths-based framework. As a partner, you have many inner and outer resources—sometimes you may need a reminder of what they are or maybe you need to add some new ones, make adjustments to existing ones, or subtract ones that are no longer useful.

Trauma-informed means I understand the reactions and behaviors you experience or witness in your loved one may be the result of your own or your partner’s unresolved trauma. You and I work together to better support you in the midst of these triggers.

It also means our work is collaborative. I provide the framework, but together, we craft a supportive plan for you.

Peer Support:  This means that together we create a supportive relationship through our shared lived experiences. To learn more about peer support, go here.

Healing through Creativity and Community: Creativity can play a life-giving role in supporting you. You do not have to be a professional artist to engage in creative practices. It means we can use tools like writing, drawing, photography, music, building, etc to enhance our lives.

You may also choose to join Partners to Survivors with Complex PTSD. This is a closed Facebook community of partners who share their wisdom, experiences, and resources. If this interests you, I will send you the link.

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I meet with clients from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, faiths, and relationship status.

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