Robert Maunder MD FRCPC. Head of Research, Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Hospital and Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. Co-author (with Jonathan Hunter MD FRCPC) Damaged: Childhood Trauma, Adult Illness and the Need for a Health Care Revolution

Heather Tuba has given me a new perspective on the challenges of being a partner to someone with CPTSD. Her contribution to Damaged enriched our “call for a care revolution” with a clear critique of existing services and constructive suggestions for what adults with CPTSD and their partners really need.

Robert Maunder, MD FRCPC

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, CDWF. Founder and host of Therapy Chat and Trauma Chat podcasts

Heather has a gentle and compassionate way of offering complex information in understandable language. Her writing continues to be very beneficial to individuals and families needing support and resources to address trauma and mental health challenges.

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, CDWF

Leila Johnson, Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga-Facilitator. Editorial Board Member Voices Against Torture International Journal on Human Rights, Social Entrepreneur

Heather Tuba has provided us with a much needed dialogue and platform for those who are caregivers to loved ones with PTSD and complex trauma. Her contribution is changing how we view holistic care and helping us see a way forward.

Leila Johnson, TCTSY-F

Carla Dawes, B.A. Founder. Rising into Resilience: Coaching & support for partners & loved ones of trauma survivors with PTSD. EFT AdvancedTapping Practitioner

Heather’s research, writing and wisdom have been so helpful to me on my personal journey, as well as to so many of my clients who support loved ones with CPTSD. Her writing is relatable and I believe that it makes folks feel safe, seen and held as they learn from her years of personal experience and in-depth research. Thank-you Heather for all that you have contributed to the emerging field of supporting caregivers, loved ones and supporters.

Carla Dawes, Rising Into Resilience, EFT Advanced Practitioner

La Shawn L. Splane-Wilburn. Founder. HOMAGI: The Mental Health Caregiver’s Caregiver

I enjoyed your book “Strengthening You” and I’m excited about what it will bring for other caregivers who read it. Much of the life of a caregiver supporting a loved one with a mental disorder/illness is spent in confidential experiences, many of us are unable to share openly for one reason or another. Having information that speaks to our experiences with real time solutions, tools, and a community is rare.

LaShawn L. Splane-Wilburn, HOMAGI

Ashley MacNevin, BSW, RSW. WAYPOINTS, Fort McMurray, AB

Heather’s information and guidance was incredibly helpful for myself and my co-worker as we prepared to create a workshop for partners. Most of the information you find today is directed at survivors, with little material on how it impacts the partners/loved ones. I really appreciate her addressing this gap and addressing how important trauma-informed approaches are.

Ashley MacNevin, BSW, RSW