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Trauma-Informed Coaching

Can a coach help a survivor of a childhood trauma or a partner impacted by their loved one’s past?

A good question. While most trauma treatment focuses on therapy, coaching is fast becoming another modality used to support and to facilitate recovery from trauma.

Trauma Recovery Coaching is a trauma-informed approach to support, assist, and guide clients in their recovery from trauma. Trauma recovery coaches are trained in the psychosocial, emotional, neurological, and physiological impact of a trauma on an individual and continually provide education to clients on these topics. Client and coach work together to develop skills, strategies, set goals, and develop support systems so that clients can heal and rebuild their lives.

What I Offer

While I have over twenty years experience in non-profit mental health support, group facilitation, and small group teaching, my in-deepest and most challenging experiences as a partner to a survivor with complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a dissociative disorder propelled me to pursue education as a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and a Certified Trauma Integrated Practitioner.  Over the last two years, I have built a successful blog on topics affecting families of survivors, written a short ebook for partners, established one of the very few online support groups for partners of survivors, and guested on numerous podcasts and blogs. I am also part of the Leadership Team with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches and teach continuing education courses on Neurobiology Basics for Trauma Recovery Coaches and Coaching Support for Partners and Families of Trauma Survivors. To learn more about me, go here.

Personal Coaching

I offer personal coaching to survivors and partners. I do not offer couples coaching. Appointments are through Zoom meeting, a virtual meeting room like Skype. If you live close to the Niagara region, Ontario and would like an in-person appointment, please contact me with your inquiry.

All services are in Canadian dollars.

Package 1

Single session. We meet for an hour-long, in-depth discussion to explore and strategize a specific issue of your life.

$120 Canadian


Package 2

Six weeks of personal coaching. We meet for six 50-minute sessions to meaningfully explore and strategize around an area or areas of challenge.

$660 Canadian


Package 3

Twelve weeks of personal coaching. Twelve 50-minute sessions give you the space to dig deeper into areas of challenge and for us to create a comprehensive plan for change.

$1200 Canadian


One More Thing…

I want you to feel totally confident about your decision in working with me, so after reviewing my About page with testimonials and my coaching credentials, if you’re still not sure if I’m the right coach for you, please feel free to contact me to set up a 30-minute consult call (Canada only) or Zoom meeting so I can answer any remaining questions you have. And, if I am not the right fit for you, I’ll provide you with additional referrals to other coaches who may be a good fit.

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