10 posts to help you feel supported if you are the loved one of a trauma survivor

If you support a trauma survivor, I know some stress is normal to you. But right now, stress is at an all time high – not just for you but for the world. (Publication date of this post is the eve of the 2020 American election.)

While you probably know about the importance of self-care or supporting yourself, the implementation is not always easy, especially right now. To help, I have put together a list of my top ten posts on the topic. While the word ‘partner’ is the primary reference to a support person, the posts are generally applicable to anyone in that role.

To read, simply click through the links.

Ten posts

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1. Partner stress, COVID and CPTSD

2. The power of self-compassion & self-care for loved ones of trauma survivors

3. Here are five ways to cut yourself slack if you are the partner of a trauma survivor

4. You are more than your trauma

5. Nine non-negotiable self-care strategies I can’t live without

6. The practice of being fully alive

7. How to remain hopeful when your partner is struggling

8. 25 book recommendations by partners of trauma survivors

9. Complex PTSD, family strain & estrangement – with Annie Wright

10. Support for trauma survivors and their loved ones during COVID – interview with Laura Reagan and Robyn Brickel