Supporting partners of trauma survivors (podcast) and more resources

Supporting partners of trauma survivors is my mission.

I was very excited when Laura Reagan, founder, and host of TherapyChat invited me to be a guest on her podcast. Of course, the episode focused on partner support. Here is an excerpt from the show notes and links to the podcast.

“Heather offers a beautiful perspective on her important work, which is much needed since and estimated 80% of adults in the US have experienced trauma in childhood. While the public is gradually becoming more aware of trauma survivors’ needs for support, their partners are often overlooked and Heather has been working tirelessly to change that.

Heather Tuba is a writer, advocate, and certified trauma recovery coach. She is the founder of Heather Tuba Trauma-Informed Partner Support, a website dedicated to partners of survivors. She is also the founder of and Partners to Survivors with Complex PTSD, an online support group for those in intimate relationships with adults with C-PTSD. She is the author of two resource guides for partners and offers one-on-one coaching support as well as educational consults for professionals interested in learning how to better support partners.”

Thank you, Laura. The interview is here.

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More resources

1. Partner support sessions

2. Other supporter sessions

3. Consulting

  • Appointments to discuss your organization or practice’s questions about how to better support partners.
  • Prices in Canadian dollars.

4. Resource guides

5. Blog posts

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6. Social media posts

  • Several times a week, I create content for partners, supporters, and survivors.
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I will be taking a blogging hiatus for the next while as I work on creating more written and video resources for partners and families. Thank you for understanding. I will be back with new content as soon as I can.

Photo by Riccardo Mion on Unsplash.