Following change – updates on my website

“We’re always stretching toward one thing or another: the next person, the next task, the next sight or sound, the next breath.”

— Rick Hanson, PhD. Author: Resilient

Since last fall, I have transitioned away from individual support services for loved ones towards writing more original content about issues related to partners, families and supporters. I am grateful for the encouragement of readers like you who continue to read and share my articles and social media posts. I am excited about upcoming opportunities to publish and speak about this important topic.

However, like many business owners, the pandemic and other needs have caused me to pause, reflect and change direction. I am investing more deeply in my writing and business offerings with a three fold goal:

  • Completion of a book on mental health caregiving
  • Curating the majority of my blog content into booklets
  • Offering content creation services for mental health and wellness businesses

All this to say. . .things are changing on my website and in my business. You may notice some of these changes right away as some of my blog content is down as I prepare it for purchase. I will be adding other services soon.

Change is calling and it seems like the right time to follow.

With love,


Looking For More

Are you seeking a guidebook that equips you as a loved one or helps you to understand the experiences of supporters?

Could you use guidance as a supporting partner, friend, or family member? Are you a clinician who wants to learn more about the experiences of loved ones? My new 40-page downloadable book Strengthening You is about more than self-care and information. It is about inner care and how to build up the emotional strength you need as a supporter. The book is full of information on the importance of building and strengthening inner resources, common emotional experiences of loved ones and provides over 25 supportive suggestions to help you stay strong.