Welcome! This website is dedicated to partners of childhood trauma survivors. Whether you are a partner, a survivor with a partner, or a clinician wanting to learn more, my goal is to provide education, resources, and support for you!


30 Eye-Opening Answers Why Adult Survivors Need Advocates

Here are 50 Reasons Adult Survivors Need Advocates Heather Tuba @heathertuba Survivors

Why Do Adult Survivors Need Advocates? After all, adult survivors of childhood trauma look just like other adults. They talk like adults. They hold jobs, they volunteer, and they go to school. They have families. They…

Why the Advice How to Help A Survivor May Not Be Helpful for Partners

Why the Advice How to Help Your Survivor Partner May Not Be Helpful for Partners Heather Tuba @heathertuba Partners

I’ve recently had a couple of articles sent to me about how to help a survivor if you are in a close relationship. The articles, written by clinicians, were clear, thoughtful and with a good…