About Me

Frequently, outside of therapy, spaces for partners to refresh, refuel, and receive resources are missing. 

The partners of individuals with childhood trauma histories play a vital role in supporting and caring for their loved ones. But being in a supportive role without your own support is hard. Partners need a place to receive care and compassion, to learn strategies to manage their own stress and dysregulation, and education to understand their circumstances.

Partners need a place of their own to receive support.

As a trauma-informed coach specializing in non-survivor partner care, Heather offers a unique perspective in her support resources for partners. She brings an understanding of the psychological and neurobiological imprint of trauma while offering evidence-based strategies for combatting stress and fatigue. While Heather’s personal story as the non-survivor partner in a relationship with a survivor informs her work, it is her expertise in combination with the personal that provides a needed perspective in the field of trauma.

Heather’s individual coaching services are focused on non-survivor partners. Whether you are seeking regular, recurring support through the eight-week Cultivating Care for Partners of Survivors, or monthly Enhanced Support while you see a mental health professional, or as needed Individual Support, her online sessions will provide the right care for you.

Are you ready for support?