About Me

Frequently, outside of therapy, spaces for partners, families, and friends to refresh, refuel, and receive resources are missing. 

The loved ones of individuals with childhood trauma histories play a vital role in supporting and caring for their loved ones. But being in a supportive role without your own support is hard. Partners, friends, and family need a place to receive care and compassion, to learn strategies to manage their own stress and dysregulation, and education to understand their circumstances.

Caring for trauma survivors means caring for their loved ones.

As a trauma-informed author, consultant and researcher, Heather established the first website devoted exclusively to the needs of partners of adults with complex PTSD. She has facilitated an online support group, written 50+ blog posts, been a guest on summits and podcasts, and taught on the topic of partner support. She maintains an online consulting practice and helps organizations, therapists, coaches and healers better understand the specific needs of supporters.

Her personal experience as a spouse of 30 years informs her commitment to advocacy, research, and the creation of resources for supporters. Her training brings a solid understanding of the neurobiological imprint of trauma and its affect on relationships. She is trained in somatic movement and utilizes simple tools to help supporters with nervous system health.

Heather uses social media to convey messages about the importance of supporting and educating loved ones. She is working on her first book.