Meet Heather

Heather Tuba is a writer, educator, and consultant with the lived experience of supporting a partner with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociation.


Heather’s writing is a recommended resource for partners of persons with CPTSD. Her extensive library of blog posts offer well-researched content on complex trauma and the impact on the lives of loved ones. In addition to original writing, her interview series provides up-to-date insights by trauma-informed clinicians, researchers and thought leaders.

Heather’s post-secondary education in languages and creative writing along with ongoing continuing education in trauma-informed care allows her to break down complex concepts into accessible language for readers.


Heather’s commitment to education is firmly rooted in her belief of a holistic model of care for those with CPTSD and loved ones. As such, her workshops and writing highlight the under-served needs of loved ones who are on the ‘front lines’ of care.

As a workshop facilitator, she has taught small and large groups on topics related to the needs of loved ones. She founded and facilitated an online community for partners of trauma survivors from 2017 to 2019. Prior to launching her business, she facilitated groups in non-profit and public sector mental health work.


As a consultant for individuals, not for profit and for profit organizations, Heather brings a unique blend of professional and personal experience. Her expertise is sought by psychiatrists, therapists, mental health coaches, and organizations. She brings a wealth of practical knowledge to each and every interaction.

Lived Experience

As a long term partner to a person with complex trauma and dissociation, Heather is deeply familiar with the challenges of supporting someone with a complicated trauma history while navigating the mental health system. Heather understands the deep systemic gap in care for loved ones and is a committed advocate for a holistic care model that includes and addresses the support needs of loved ones.

Heather’s information and guidance were incredibly helpful for me and my co-worker as we prepared to create a workshop for partners.

Ashley MacNevin, BSW, RSW

Heather’s work is forging a new pathway toward a model of care where partners are seen, heard, respected and included as valued participants in the therapeutic process.

Anne Kinsey, M.Div., CTRC

Heather provides the perfect adjunct care to anyone working with clients on their own relationships. Whether it be an opportunity to refer, seek consultation or work directly with Heather, it is surely an opportunity for growth.

Stephanie Morales, MA, CTRC