About Me

Heather is the founder of Heather Tuba Trauma-Informed Coaching & Support Services for Partners, the closed Facebook support group Partners to Survivors with Complex Trauma, and author of the resource guide For the Partners of Childhood Trauma Survivors. She brings a unique combination of personal experience as a spouse of a survivor and trauma-informed training to create one-of-a-kind resources and supports for partners and survivors.

Heather is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach with the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches and a Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner with the Attachment & Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Winnipeg.

Heather is part of the Leadership Team with the newly formed International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches and serves on the board of directors. Her work includes roles as coach mentor and advanced course instructor.

At heart, Heather is a connector, an educator and an advocate, who desires to help the public, survivors, partners, families, and clinicians better understand the impact of trauma on individuals and families. She frequently appears as a guest on trauma-related podcasts and blogs and is a monthly contributor to the Canadian advocacy organization, Coming Forward.

Featured Guest:

“Heather is a powerhouse of intellect, compassion, and thoughtfulness and has created multiple rich resources. Through her dedication to serving Partners of Survivors of Complex Trauma, she offers, long overdue, support and guidance for those that are so regularly dismissed and underserved by therapists everywhere. She knows intimately the value of Partners supporting their survivor mate’s profound struggles the heal, and the extraordinary suffering Partners experience in their efforts.” ~ Scott Nelson, PhD, LMFT

“I first met Heather during a weekly online chat for survivors, facilitated by our mutual friends at Trauma Recovery University. Her passion and willingness to be a shining light for the families of trauma survivors, is immediately evident even for those who are meeting her for the very first time. So much focus is placed on the survivor themselves, and rightfully so, but we also cannot forget about the family members, spouses, and friends who help support the survivor in their life. These amazing people need support as well, and Heather has stepped up to provide information, resources, educational materials, for these unsung heroes. 
I’m honored to call Heather a friend and a colleague, and equally honored to have had the opportunity to chat with her on my podcast and help spread a message of hope, awareness, and encouragement for survivors and their families. ” ~ Matthew Pappas, CLC Anxiety & Survivor Coaching – BeyondYourPast.com