9 Adventure-Filled Destinations Perfect for Teens

Travel is one of the best ways to expand your horizons and views, as your adventures will take you to new cultures, cuisines, and nature. Over three-fourths of people in the United States have traveled to a different country, and you can help your family join those ranks by exploring the best places to travel with teens.

Planning a summer vacation your family will remember is part of the fun of becoming a parent. Taking your teens’ interests into account will help them find enjoyment and appreciation for the trip you’ve planned.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this beneficial guide to finding the best ideas for summer travel for teens. Continue reading to plan a trip abroad today!

  1. Italy

Italy is a fantastic place to visit when looking at vacations for teenagers. You’ll find plenty of tours for teens to learn about the history of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance Era. Between tours, you’ll find picturesque cafes, restaurants, and pizzerias.

Nature is abundant in Italy, with areas like the Dolomites providing time in the Alps. It’s a vacation destination your children are sure to love. Be sure to include a stop at The Colosseum to learn about gladiators and dive into a day in the life of a Roman citizen.

  1. Spain

Spain is another European country to consider for teen travel when planning your next family vacation. Your visit will coincide with a time in your teens’ lives when they may be learning Spanish in school. It’s the perfect time to visit and provide an immersive experience with a new language and different culture.

The history and culture on display in Spain is worth the trip alone. You’ll get to check out original works by Pablo Picasso, relax on the Spanish coast, and enjoy Tapas at a local cafe. It’s among the best and most memorable places to travel when traveling with your teens for summer vacation.

  1. Costa Rica

A trip to Costa Rica will take you south of the US border, and it’s a journey you’ll love if you’re seeking adventure, diverse nature, and a laidback culture. Costa Rica is another place where teens can grow their Spanish skills by conversing with locals, tour guides, and new friends.

The jungle tours for teens will help your family explore untouched rainforests and discover beautiful waterfalls. Take a trip to the stunning coastlines Costa Rica is known for, and try your surfing skills in the clear water.

  1. The United Kingdom

The UK is a fantastic place to travel when planning vacations for teenagers. When you vacation through Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland, there’s much to do, see, and explore.

History is abundant in this island nation, and you can explore it by taking tours for teens through London and visiting famous museums. Visit Bath to see the ancient Roman Baths. Loch Ness and Hadrian’s Wall are also calling after stopping in Edinburgh.

Best of all, you won’t need a second language to communicate or seek help with directions in the UK. It’s among the best places to travel with teens for a memorable summer vacation.

  1. Vietnam

Asia is a long flight away, but the sights, scenery, and cuisine make the journey worth every second. Vietnam has an extensive history, beautiful coastlines, and rugged mountains filled with different ecosystems and species.

You’ll also get a recent history lesson when traveling with teens to Vietnam. Explore your tour and museum options to learn more about the Vietnam War and gain new perspectives on what happened in this beautiful country.

The adventure opportunities are also second to none in Vietnam. It’s the perfect summer destination for a break from the norm. Your teens will be the most interesting people at the adventure camps they attend.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand feels like a world away, and the Lord of The Rings film series furthers that gap and creates the impression that New Zealand is a mystical place. The scenery, kind people, and abundant adventure opportunities make it a must-visit destination for teens.

It’s worth noting that New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere. Planning summer travel for teens to New Zealand results in vacationing in this island nation during its winter months.

Still, the journey is worth it. Visit Aukland and Queenstown to learn what New Zealand is all about.

  1. Nepal

Nothing will boggle the minds of your teens like seeing Mount Everest in person from the highlands of Nepal. It’s one of the best places to visit if your teens love mountain scenery. The culture and cuisine are also fantastic to explore and try during your vacation.

Your teens will be exposed to Eastern traditions, medicines, and religions. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about Buddhism, try authentic Chai, and try curries and other Nepalese cuisine.

  1. Argentina

Another mountain destination worth considering is Argentina. Your summer plans will take you to the far southern end of South America, where you’ll find the Andes Mountains and Patagonia.

It’s one of the most incredible summer travel options for teens who love hiking and spending time in nature. Instead of surfing, you’ll want to bring your skiing or snowboarding equipment on this adventure.

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador is a reasonable flight away from the US, providing some of the most diverse natures on the planet. Drive three hours in any direction, and you’ll see snow-capped volcanos, pristine beaches, and the Amazon Rainforest.

Your summer trip will take you to Ecuador during the Inti Raymi festival. Visit cities like Otavalo and Cotacachi to learn about the vibrant indigenous culture in this South American nation.

Find the Best Places to Travel With Teens Today

Planning a family vacation when you have teenagers is exhausting and stressful, but the task becomes easier when you know about top destinations and tours for teens. European countries like Spain and Italy provide a blend of history, culture, and cuisine your teens will love. South America is another place to consider for teenager vacations, with Argentina and Ecuador leading the charge.

Travel is one of the best ways to escape reality and explore more of the planet. Read our Travel content for ideas and inspiration for your next adventure!