Step-wise Guide to Book Your ACCA Exam: A Quick Guide

Are you planning to appear in the next ACCA exam? There are various guides and posts talking about the process of preparing for the ACCA exam. The first step is to book your ACCA exam in advance to avoid stress and unforeseen expenses. Find out all the required information you need to schedule an ACCA exam.

When you get to the ACCA exam level, there are two steps left to do.

Find a renowned ACCA institute like Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy.

Schedule your ACCA upcoming exam(s).

ACCA now offers session-based exams in March, June, September, and December for computer-based exams (CBEs) and paper-based exams.

How to Register for the ACCA Exam? 

Using their online booking system, you can use a desktop, mobile device, or tablet to apply for an ACCA exam. After all the processes, make sure to pay the fee. You will not be allowed to enter an exam if you have any unpaid fees.

After logging into the MyACCA part of the ACCA website and completing the easy registration requirements, you may access the online booking system.

Go directly to the CBE center if you want to schedule an on-demand CBE with ACCA (AB, FA, MA, and LW).

Try to use the online booking system for the CBE session. Once you’ve made your final decisions, do your ACCA exam booking as soon as possible because spaces may be filled. These tests may measure abilities related to word processing, spreadsheets, and slide shows, depending on the exam.

The ultimate goal of CBEs is to improve your employability in the future. You might be able to take a paper-based exam in your area until all exams, regardless of level, are converted to computer-based examinations. In a similar vein, the online booking system is also used to schedule these exams.

Deadlines for ACCA Exam Entries

There are deadlines for exam entries that you should be aware of. The deadline is generally five weeks before the first exam of the subsequent session.

Depending on the exam you are taking, enrolling after this date but before the late entry deadline, which is approximately 4 weeks before your exam, might cost you more than 150% of the regular amount.

Changes or cancellations of the ACCA Exam 

You have up to the regular exam entry deadline to change or cancel your exam reservation once you have made one.

Be aware that changes made after this date won’t be accepted.

Important ACCA Exam Rules

Given that you intend to schedule an exam, you should be informed of the following rules:

Time zones for all deadlines are GMT +0.

It is not possible to change an exam entry that was turned in after the deadline.

Become knowledgeable about the ACCA exam regression rules.

Don’t wait for the last date; reserve your exam spot right away to save money.

You’ll feel more dedicated and motivated to study and pass your exam if you schedule it early.

That’s it on the ACCA exam booking. Hopefully, you have found this blog interesting and insightful. If you are looking to begin your ACCA learning, enroll in Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy for the best guidance.