aRes Travel: Scam or Genuine? A Veteran’s In-depth Look

aRes Travel has become a popular name in the travel industry, offering enticing deals and exclusive discounts to travelers worldwide. However, with a plethora of online travel agencies available, it is vital to assess the legitimacy of such platforms. In this article, we aim to delve into the realm of Ares Travel, providing a comprehensive analysis of its background, services, customer support, pricing, security measures, and specifically answering the question; Is aRes Travel Legit. By shining a light on the intricacies of aRes Travel, we hope to help you make an informed decision while planning your next adventure.

Understanding Ares Travel:

Defining Ares Travel

Ares Travel is an online travel agency that specializes in providing travelers with a wide range of booking options for flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. With their user-friendly website and extensive network of industry partners, Ares Travel strives to offer convenient and cost-effective solutions for travelers of all kinds.

Overview of services offered

Ares Travel stands out for its extensive portfolio of services. From booking flights to securing accommodations, the platform caters to various travel needs. Moreover, they provide the option to bundle services, allowing users to customize their travel arrangements according to their preferences and budget. With their user-friendly interface and comprehensive search features, Ares Travel aims to simplify the booking process for its customers.

Exploring the Legitimacy of Ares Travel:

Evaluating the company’s background and history

When considering any travel agency, it is imperative to assess its background and history to determine its legitimacy. Ares Travel boasts a strong foundation, having been in operation for several years. They have built a reputation for themselves, garnering positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Assessing customer reviews and satisfaction

Customer reviews and satisfaction are crucial indicators of an agency’s legitimacy and reliability. Ares Travel has received commendable feedback from its customers, with many expressing their satisfaction with the platform’s seamless booking process and competitive pricing. Furthermore, the company aims to address any concerns promptly, showcasing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unveiling Ares Travel’s Partnership Network:

Analyzing partnerships with renowned travel industry players

One way to assess the credibility of a travel agency is by evaluating the partnerships it has established within the industry. Ares Travel has successfully formed alliances with renowned players, including major airlines, hotel chains, and car rental companies. These partnerships not only provide customers with a wide range of options but also indicate the company’s ability to secure competitive deals on behalf of its clients.

Examining the benefits derived from these partnerships

By leveraging its partnerships, Ares Travel ensures that its customers enjoy numerous benefits. These can range from exclusive discounts and reduced rates to access to special amenities or upgraded accommodations. The company’s extensive network allows them to negotiate deals that are often not available through other booking platforms, adding significant value to the services they provide.

Scrutinizing Ares Travel’s Pricing and Deals:

Investigating the affordability of Ares Travel’s offers

One of the key considerations when booking with any travel agency is the affordability of their offers. Ares Travel understands the importance of competitive pricing and strives to provide customers with cost-effective options. Through their partnerships and negotiation strategies, they are able to secure deals and discounts that can result in significant savings for travelers.

Assessing the credibility of exclusive deals and discounts

Ares Travel often advertises exclusive deals and discounts to allure customers. It is important to scrutinize the credibility of these offers to ensure they are not misleading or deceptive. The platform consistently delivers on their promises, presenting customers with legitimate opportunities to save money while enjoying their travel experiences.

Ares Travel Customer Support: 

Analyzing the accessibility and efficiency of customer support

In the event of any issues or queries, responsive customer support is essential. Ares Travel understands the importance of providing timely assistance to its customers. They offer various channels of communication, including phone, email, and live chat, ensuring accessibility and efficiency when it comes to addressing customer inquiries or concerns.

Reviewing customer experiences with assistance requests

To evaluate the effectiveness of Ares Travel’s customer support, it is crucial to review customer experiences. The majority of customers report positive interactions with the support team, praising their responsiveness and willingness to resolve issues promptly. Ares Travel’s commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident through their efforts to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Ensuring Safe Transactions: 

Evaluating the company’s payment processes and security measures

Ares Travel understands the importance of safeguarding customers’ personal and payment information. They have implemented robust payment processes and security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive data. By utilizing industry-standard encryption technology, Ares Travel instills confidence and reassurance in their customers.

Investigating incidents of unauthorized transactions

While Ares Travel prioritizes payment security, isolated incidents of unauthorized transactions may still occur. However, these instances are exceptionally rare and are promptly addressed by the company’s support team. Customers can rest assured that Ares Travel takes the necessary measures to rectify any unauthorized charges and prevent future occurrences.

Touring Ares Travel’s Website: 

Assessing the website’s ease of navigation and booking process

Ares Travel’s website has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface and clear navigation make it easy for customers to browse through various options, select their desired services, and complete the booking process seamlessly. The straightforward layout ensures that even those unfamiliar with online travel agencies can navigate the website effortlessly.

Examining the transparency of policies and terms

Transparency is essential when booking through any travel agency. Ares Travel provides clear and concise policies and terms, ensuring that customers have a thorough understanding of their rights and obligations. Their commitment to transparency imbues confidence in users, as they know exactly what to expect when making their travel arrangements through the platform.

Ares Travel’s Customer Satisfaction:

Highlighting positive customer experiences and testimonials

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate indicator of an agency’s legitimacy and performance. Positive customer experiences and testimonials demonstrate Ares Travel’s ability to deliver on its promises. Countless customers have expressed their contentment with the platform’s seamless booking process, competitive pricing, and exceptional service, solidifying the company’s reputation as a reputable travel agency.

Addressing and analyzing common customer complaints

To present a comprehensive analysis of Ares Travel’s customer satisfaction, it is crucial to address and analyze common customer complaints. Though isolated incidents of dissatisfaction may occur, the platform actively seeks feedback from customers and takes steps to rectify any issues. By continuously improving their services based on customer feedback, Ares Travel endeavors to enhance customer experiences and minimize the occurrence of complaints.

Ares Travel’s Promises vs. Reality:

Examining Ares Travel’s adherence to advertised terms and conditions

Advertised terms and conditions are promises made by Ares Travel to its customers. A thorough examination is necessary to determine if the company delivers on these commitments consistently. Ares Travel has established a reputation for honoring their promises, ensuring that customers’ travel experiences align with the information and expectations provided during the booking process.

Evaluating the accuracy of promised trip details

Reliability and accuracy of trip details are crucial for a travel agency. Ares Travel is committed to providing customers with accurate information about flights, accommodations, and other services. By maintaining open communication with their network of partners, Ares Travel ensures that travelers receive consistent and reliable information, allowing them to plan and enjoy their trips with peace of mind. This traveling company is appropriate in different aspects that passengers likes mostly.

Uncovering Hidden Costs: 

Revealing hidden charges that may surprise customers

Hidden charges can be an unwelcome surprise for travelers. Ares Travel aims for transparent pricing by providing customers with a breakdown of costs upfront. However, it is essential to carefully review the fine print to identify any potential additional fees associated with specific services or bookings. By familiarizing themselves with all the terms and conditions, customers can avoid any unexpected costs.

Presenting strategies for avoiding unnecessary expenses

To assist customers in avoiding unnecessary expenses, Ares Travel provides useful information and guidance on their website. This includes tips on selecting the most cost-effective options, understanding refund policies, and utilizing loyalty programs. By educating their customers, Ares Travel enables them to make informed decisions and save money during their travel planning.

Assessing Ares Travel’s Cancellation and Refund Policies:

Understanding the terms and conditions for cancellations

When unforeseen circumstances arise, cancellation policies become crucial for travelers. Ares Travel has established clear and comprehensive cancellation terms and conditions. By familiarizing themselves with these policies before booking, customers can understand the potential fees and refund options associated with cancellations.

Exploring customers’ experiences with refunds and reimbursements

To gain insight into Ares Travel’s efficiency in handling refunds and reimbursements, exploring customer experiences is paramount. The majority of customers report positive encounters when requesting refunds, with the company processing them in a timely manner. However, it is important to note that refund experiences can vary depending on factors such as the specific booking and the airline or hotel policies involved.

Legal Compliance: 

Analyzing Ares Travel’s compliance with industry regulations

In the travel industry, compliance with regulations ensures a company’s legitimacy and credibility. Ares Travel adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring that their operations are carried out ethically and lawfully. Their commitment to legal compliance is evident in their transparent policies and communication with customers.

Investigating any reported legal issues or violations

To assess Ares Travel’s regulatory standing accurately, it is vital to investigate reported legal issues or violations. Upon thorough research, no significant legal issues or violations have been found associated with Ares Travel. The company’s clean record further strengthens the notion of its legitimacy as a reputable travel agency.

Ares Travel and COVID-19: 

Evaluating Ares Travel’s response during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the travel industry. Ares Travel swiftly adapted to these challenges, prioritizing customer safety and well-being. They promptly provided information and assistance regarding cancellations, rebookings, and refunds, demonstrating their commitment to customer support during these challenging times.

Understanding the company’s cancellation and rebooking policies

Ares Travel implemented flexible cancellation and rebooking policies to accommodate customers affected by the pandemic. Understanding the provisions and options available to customers during these uncertain times is crucial, as it provides reassurance and peace of mind when making travel arrangements through Ares Travel.

Comparing Ares Travel with Competitors: 

Assessing Ares Travel’s offerings in relation to competitors

  1. To evaluate Ares Travel’s performance, it is important to compare their offerings with those of their competitors. Ares Travel stands out in terms of their extensive network of partners, competitive pricing, and diverse services. By providing a wide range of options and exclusive deals, they position themselves as a formidable player within the travel industry.

Identifying areas where Ares Travel excels or lags behind

While Ares Travel excels in various aspects, it is essential to recognize areas where improvement can be made. These may include refining customer support processes or further enhancing the user experience on their website. By acknowledging areas of improvement, Ares Travel can continuously evolve and offer an even better travel booking experience.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Ares Travel:

Highlighting the advantages of booking through Ares Travel

Booking through Ares Travel offers numerous advantages. These include access to competitive pricing, exclusive deals and discounts, a wide range of services, user-friendly interface, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Customers can benefit from the convenience and peace of mind that Ares Travel strives to provide.

Addressing the potential disadvantages or limitations

While Ares Travel has garnered positive feedback, it is crucial to acknowledge potential disadvantages or limitations. These may include occasional instances of dissatisfied customers, limitations in terms of last-minute bookings or specific destination options, and the potential for unexpected fees. By understanding these limitations, customers can make informed decisions and manage their expectations.


Is Ares Travel a reputable travel agency?

Yes, Ares Travel is a reputable travel agency with a solid track record and positive customer feedback.

How can I book with Ares Travel?

Booking with Ares Travel is easy. Visit their website, enter your travel details, browse the available options, select your preferred services, and complete the booking process.

What happens if I need to make changes to my reservation?

Ares Travel understands that changes may be necessary. Depending on the specific booking, there may be certain fees or restrictions associated with modifications. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions for your specific reservation or contact Ares Travel’s customer support for assistance.

Is Ares Travel’s pricing competitive?

Yes, Ares Travel offers competitive pricing, often providing exclusive deals and discounts that can result in significant savings for travelers.

Can I trust Ares Travel with my personal and payment information?

Yes, Ares Travel prioritizes the security of customers’ personal and payment information. They utilize industry-standard encryption technology to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

How do I contact Ares Travel for support?

Ares Travel provides various channels for customer support, including phone, email, and live chat. Detailed contact information can be found on their website.

Can I trust Ares Travel for international travel arrangements?

Yes, Ares Travel is experienced in handling international travel arrangements. Customers can benefit from their network of partners and extensive options for flights, accommodations, and more.

What are the key benefits of booking with Ares Travel?

Booking with Ares Travel offers several key benefits, including competitive pricing, exclusive deals and discounts, user-friendly interface, and a commitment to exceptional customer support.


Through a thorough examination of Ares Travel’s background, services, partnerships, pricing, customer support, and compliance with regulations, it is evident that Ares Travel is indeed a reputable travel agency. The company’s comprehensive offerings, positive customer feedback, transparency, and commitment to customer satisfaction further strengthen its position as a reliable choice for travelers. By considering the information presented in this article, you can confidently make informed decisions when booking with Ares Travel.

Key Takeaways

  • Ares Travel is a legitimate online travel agency that offers a wide range of services and competitive pricing.
  • Customers’ positive feedback and testimonials validate the company’s credibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Ares Travel has established partnerships with renowned industry players, allowing for exclusive deals and added benefits for customers.
  • The platform emphasizes transparency in policies, pricing, and communication with customers.
  • Their commitment to payment security and efficient customer support demonstrates their dedication to a positive booking experience.
  • Ares Travel has navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing flexible options and support to customers.
  • While Ares Travel excels in numerous areas, there may be occasional limitations or areas for improvement.