Top 5 Questions To Ask When Buying a Car

Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or a seasoned pro, making the right choice when purchasing a vehicle is key. Before you head to the dealership, you should have a budget in mind and do a fair amount of research to narrow down your options. Once you’re ready to select a vehicle, here are the top five questions you should ask before buying.

What’s the Vehicle’s History?

When looking into purchasing a used car, you need to know about the vehicle’s history. You can ask the dealership to produce a full report on the car in question so that you can see whether the car has been in an accident and what repairs it’s already had. Don’t forget to look at the mileage as well.

Buying a pre-owned car has its benefits and drawbacks. You’ll be surprised at the deals available for new vehicles on the lot such as a new Chevrolet for sale, a hatchback, an SUV, and more.

How Much Will Maintenance Cost?

Car maintenance inevitably adds to the overall cost of having a vehicle, so it’s important to know the basics before you sign the paperwork. Dealerships often include services such as oil changes and tire rotation for free on new cars, but you need to get that in writing to confirm it. Also, make sure to compare the price of any maintenance package deals to the individualized costs. You might end up saving if you bundle services, but always run the numbers yourself.

What Tech Systems Are Included?

Today’s cars are far more advanced than before, so you should inquire about the information, safety, and entertainment systems that come pre-loaded in the vehicle. Spend extra time while you’re test-driving to play around with the tech in the car. You should feel comfortable navigating all of the digital elements of your car before you leave the lot.

What Warranty Deals Are Available?

While you can accept the basic warranty package on any car you choose, you may discover there’s a better package available if you ask about it. Consider that all of the electronic and digital components of a new car may need servicing at some point, and that will add to the overall cost of maintenance. It may be smarter to cover more than you think you need so that you don’t have to pay to fix the complex electronics and systems out of your pocket.

What’s the Out-the-Door Price?

Once you feel confident about your choice of vehicle, confirm what the out-the-door price will be. Ask the agent you work with to provide numbers for all of the other associated things, such as:

  • Taxes
  • Title and licensing
  • Warranties
  • Dealership fees

Your monthly car payment is only one part of the final amount you’ll pay for the vehicle. Double-check all the figures before signing.

Preparing for a Long-Term Investment

You’ll likely have your car for eight to ten years, so you must allocate time to choosing a vehicle that fits your needs and your budget. Use these questions to make an informed decision, and you’ll be driving off the lot with your peace of mind intact.

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